Eastern Bulls is a Premier Royal Enfield Owners Club of India, a privileged and distinguished part of the Indian Riding Community. With some major rides under its belt, like the All India Ride in 2003, riding to the Highest Motorable road in the World-The KhardungLa-Ladakh in 2006, 2009, 2010. Members have also done rides to almost all parts in India on their motorcycle like Goa, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Kanyakumari, Ooty, Mumbai, Delhi and North East, Eastern Bulls (EB) stands proud of its heritage and legacy EB has also crossed the International Borders to Bhutan for an Indo-Bhutan friendship ride, Nepal and also to Myanmar. In 2009, 2010 & 2012. Eastern Bulls has also held the biggest Bullet festival in India – The Rider Mania (RM) in 2011.

Chapter: Bhubwaneshwar


Ram Balak Choudhary

Eastern Bulls Bhuwaneshwar

Eastern Bulls Bhuwaneshwar (EBB) is the Odisha Chapter of Eastern Bulls. A group of maverick Riders from all walks of life, lead by Ram Balak Choudhary. The energy of this young pack is something to behold, there is nothing that can stop them from starting their engines every weekend and heading out for the Highways. They make the most of every opportunity to quench their wanderlust, and places to go to are equally exotic.
One may find them riding out to the beaches of Puri, the temples of Konark, or the pristine Chilka lake, ride destinations are innumourous and has something for every kind of soul. The great state of Odisha provides in plenty with natural beauty, rich history and miles of open roads.
Meet them when you are in town next time.

Wandering Wheels

Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the last few legacies of the British Raj that remained in India long after the colonial rulers left us. Bullet is just one model of motorcycle produced by the company, though the model has become synonyms with the brand to the extent that any motorcycle sporting the Royal Enfield logo is known as a Bullet. Kolkata has always had a vibrant community of Bullet riders; the brotherhood amongst riders remained largely confined to small pockets or 'paras' and often revolving around specific mechanics, where friendship between Bullet owners formed simply due to the fact that the bikes get serviced by the same guy.


Member Code Name BloodGroup Date of Birth
EB2016-047 Abizar Patel O+ August 6, 1991
EB2016-056 Akshay Jadhav A+ November 28, 1992
EB2016-005 Ali Asgar Totanawala 0+ November 4, 1982
EB2016-048 Amitabha Sinha B+ March 28, 1976
EB2016-023 Anirban Kundu AB+ November 10, 1988
EB2016-010 Anirban Sen B+ January 7, 1993
EB2016-006 Anis Patel b+ October 18, 1982
EB2016-001 Arijit Bhattacharya O+ March 2, 1978
EB2016-050 Aritra Mondal AB+ October 25, 1980
EB2016-052 Bodhisatwa Ghosh B+ May 20, 1989
EB2016-038 Chintan Doshi AB+ March 5, 1984
EB2016-015 Chirodip Ganguly A+ October 3, 1985
EB2016-002 Faisal Chowdhury A+ September 27, 1973
EB2016-051 Fardin Rahmat B+ October 10, 1972
EB2016-044 Ganesh Pandey A+ July 22, 1988
EB2016-017 Hasan - Ur Jaman AB+ January 4, 1987
EB2016-026 Hero Sen O+ May 25, 1984
EB2016-040 Huzefa Limdiwala A+ July 22, 1979
EB2016-042 Indrajit Deashi O+ May 17, 1976
EB2016-000 Indrajit Sen A+ February 10, 1986
EB2016-058 Jasbir Singh Walia B+ September 10, 1986
EB2016-020 Jayanta Paul O+ April 13, 1982
EB2016-019 Jayanta Kumar Dey A+ June 29, 1969
EB2016-055 Jeet Dutta A+ April 19, 1989
EB2016-008 Mahammed Jawed Khan A+ July 1, 1976
EB2016-029 Manisankar Das B+ September 16, 1971
EB2016-012 Monideep Saha B+ August 7, 1978
EB2016-053 Mostkain Jamadar O+ October 30, 1978
EB2016-033 Munir Hassan AB+ November 19, 1982
EB2016-030 Murtaza Dodia B+ August 16, 1980
EB2016-031 Nabeel Rahman B+ March 19, 1989
EB2016-028 Neeraj Gaur A+ November 28, 1986
EB2016-045 Nigam Ashish Chakroborty B+ September 6, 1985
EB2016-007 Nimesh Seth B+ December 30, 1964
EB2016-057 Pradipta Kumar Sadhukhan B+ September 23, 1964
EB2016-041 Prashant Thacker O+ May 12, 1984
EB2016-054 Pratik Ghosh B+ June 27, 1982
EB2016-043 Ram Balak Choudhary O+ February 4, 1991
EB2016-025 Ranbir Singh O+ January 18, 1977
EB2016-003 S M Sami Omer B+ March 17, 1956
EB2016-016 Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya O+ February 27, 1973
EB2016-027 Sanjoy Roy O+ August 29, 1975
EB2016-018 Santanu Podder O+ September 3, 1984
EB2016-022 Shibam Sen Gupta B+ February 12, 1991
EB2016-046 Shiv Shankar Dutta AB+ May 27, 1990
EB2016-039 Soham Sett B+ August 20, 1993
EB2016-032 Sourav Debnath O+ February 14, 1973
EB2016-014 Sourav Nayak A+ December 9, 1977
EB2016-037 Subhanil Choudhuy AB+ February 14, 1979
EB2016-036 Subhasish Saha B+ March 17, 1987
EB2016-011 Subhomoy Nandy A+ August 3, 1984
EB2016-024 Sudeep Sarkar A+ January 7, 1980
EB2016-035 Sujal Ghosh A+ October 25, 1990
EB2016-034 Sukanta Ghosh O+ August 8, 1981
EB2016-009 Suman Dasgupta B- August 29, 1971
EB2016-049 Supratim Roy A+ September 28, 1978
EB2016-004 Sushovan Biswas B+ June 16, 1972
EB2016-021 Tanumay Dey A+ November 23, 1990
EB2016-059 Tirthankar Ghosh O+ January 15, 1984

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