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The Ride Called Life...

Eastern Bulls is proud and privileged to announce its Association with Real Yoga.
In an endeavor to promote fitness and healthy living in the Biking Community, Real Yoga is henceforth our Fitness Partners.
The benefits of Yoga and the emphasis on better health are non-negotiable in today’s fast paced life, and we here at Eastern Bulls understand speed better than most.
Together with Real Yoga, we are committed to take control of the "life-on-the-fast-lane" and turn it healthy. Let us make this Ride called Life be beautiful and Healthy.

Real Yoga

Real Yoga is one of the finest leading yoga service provider since 2008. You'll find a comprehensive holistic approach of work-life balance and integration of body & mind with a twist of fresh and modern environment to practise yoga in Singapore here.
Having revolutionized the concept of exercise and recreation, Real Yoga evolve the same philosophy whenever our existence are. We understand how one’s surroundings can affect our psyche and comfortable level.
In line with our vision to grow the brand internationally, Real Yoga established its first regional studio in Kolkata, India – marking our continuous effort in spreading the joy of yoga by reaching out to the communities as much as possible.
Therefore, we aim to be the total wellness studio with a family-oriented ambience proven on the strong existing bond between our loyal members who had progressively assisted Real Yoga to where it is today. At the end of the day, Real Yoga isn’t just any Yoga studio.
It is a place where members will be able to immerse in Real Yoga practise with plenty of opportunities to impart Yoga ideas with our friendly certified master instructors.
We pride ourselves as a Yoga studio with the motto of Yoga from the Heart.

Exclusively for Eastern Bulls Members.

A Message From Our Fitness Partner.

Yoga is an essential remedy for a stressful life. At Real Yoga, we understand this. We offer you an energetic place with highly motivating and friendly instructors. Whether you are looking for high-intensity yoga facilities or a restorative experience, we offer yoga classes for people of all levels. We are highly dedicated to meeting the needs of our students and committed to deepening your understanding in an inspiring manner to ease your learning.
Our yoga classes in India seek to create healthy, strong bodies and also tranquil minds. If you are constantly seated in front of the computer or engaging in repetitive activities; you are shortening your muscles. Yoga enables you to lengthen and expand, thus releasing unhealthy toxins that build up during these activities.
Yoga enables you to lengthen and expand, thus releasing unhealthy toxins that build up during these activities. To Know More about Real Yoga, yoga workshops, classes, events and more; please log on to our facebook page, you can follow us on Twitter or visit the Real Yoga Website.

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